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This site is for those who have suffered nursing home abuse or have loved ones that have suffered due to negligence in nursing homes.

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Forms of Elderly Abuse in Nursing Homes:

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Elderly Abuse in Nursing Homes

When choosing a nursing home it is a good idea to allow your loved one to have a large role in deciding which nursing home facility will best suit their needs. If possible, picking a nursing home that is located near family and friends will allow visitations to be more frequent.

Finding out as much information about each prospective nursing home facility by talking to the long-term care ombudsman is a good start because they are in charge of responding to and investigating complaints made against the nursing home facility. Many healthcare professionals are familiar with nursing homes and getting their advice and
feedback about facilities they have heard about can be helpful. While visiting a particular nursing home it can be especially helpful to speak with visiting family and friends of that nursing home, the residents that reside there, and the staff.

Continuing to ask questions about the nursing home facility and to the workers can help identify any situations that may not be ideal. Good questions to consider are:

-What type of reputation does the nursing home have?

-How many violations were filed against the nursing home?

-Have there been a high number of complaints against the nursing home, and if so what do the complaints encompass?

-Have a high number of nursing home residents been taken to hospitals due to injuries caused by improper care or neglect?

-How does the staff interact with the nursing home residents?

-Does there appear to be an ample amount of staff and nursing assistants to be able to handle any emergency situations and individual need that may be required?

-Is there a high turnover with the nursing home staff?

-Will any individual needs the nursing home resident have be able to be attended to?

-Does the nursing home facility appear to have an ample amount of linens and other materials available?

-Does the food provided incorporate a well-balanced meal, personal taste and choice?

-Does the nursing home facility appear well kept and clean?

Review the state surveys of every nursing home that is being considered. Any facility that is part of Medicare and Medicaid is required to allow people to view the inspection reports. After narrowing down the choices of nursing home facilities the family members should plan multiple visits to the home at different times. This will allow the family to get a better understanding of what goes on at the nursing home at different times of day and to notice if different staff members are inconsistent with their behavior and treatment of the residents. Visiting at different times can help demonstrate if there are plenty of activities available for nursing home residents.

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Nursing Home Reform Act

The nursing home facilities that receive federal funds are required to
comply with the Nursing Home Reform Act.

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History of Nursing Home Regulations

In 1965 Medicare and Medicaid came into existence and with it came federal regulation of nursing homes. Nursing homes that qualify and voluntarily elect Medicare and Medicaid to their facility must follow a set of guidelines put forth by federal standards.

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